Kennel Keijupuisto ("Kennel Fairypark´s") is a small home kennel.

Breeding Chihuahuas is a dear hobby of ours. I work as an artist and as a teacher of art , and my husband is a doctor. We live almost in the country-side, in the most northern part of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

Our dogs are living with us as loved family members. They can move everywhere
in the house and run and play in our large garden. They take part in our normal daily lives.

When choosing the breeding couple we pay a great attention to their good racial features and health. We also appreciate good beautiful looks and a balanced character in dogs. Of course it would be really nice if a dog becomes the great show star, but the most important thing is that a dog becomes a good family member to the family they live in. Therefore it is very important to us to find a suitable good homes to our puppies. In our opinion it is perhaps not the best idea for a Chihuahua to live with small children – for both the child´s and the tiny dog’s benefit.

Our puppies are born at home. From the earliest days they live in close contact
with us and learn to trust people. We take good care of our puppies and give
them much love. A veterinary checks all the puppies over to make sure everything is
fine. And once our puppies have left to new homes, they still are welcome
to visit us with their new families - it is always a great pleasure to meet a
grown-up dog, "our baby"...

Personally, surely because of my artistic vision, I love the beauty of these small
dogs. I also enjoy the personality of Chihuahuas. For me each one of our
beloved dogs is a very special ”Dog Person”!